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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the Digital Detox established?

This initiative was established to:

  1. Raise awareness & educate Australians about cyber bulling & social media safety
  2. Raise funds for schools, workplaces & organisations so they have the resources to conduct cyber safety & anti bullying workshops
  3. Support the Bully Zero Australia Foundation

Who is organising the Digital Detox initiative?

The anti-bullying organisation - Bully Zero Australia Foundation & Cyber Safety Education organisation - Best Enemies are partnering for a "Safer Nation for Every Generation" to deliver the 48 hour Digital Detox.

What is the Digital Detox?

Each participant will take a pledge to 'take a break' over a 48 Hour Period from 9am Friday 21st March to 9am Sunday 23rd March to disconnect or reduce the use of their normal daily social networking activities. This includes taking time out from checking your Facebook, Twitter, email, Instagram, text messaging & similar for 48 Hours.

Instead the Digital Detox will provide you with alternative options and activities to reconnect offline with your family and friends. A resource pack will be available to help you on your digital detox!

What do I have to give up?

For 48 hours you simply take a pledge to 'take a break' from using your social networking, i.e. hand over your mobile phone to a trusted friend, turn off your internet at home & disconnect.

Why should I participate?


By taking the pledge, participates will fundraise for an important cause – funding cyber safety and anti-bullying education programs at your school or organisation.

Navigating the social media landscape can be stressful, particularly for young people. Misuse of online privacy, sharing information online & digital reputation is contributing to higher rates of low self-esteem & depression.

Kids Helpine answered over 240,000 calls (from over 400,000 suicides attempts) in 2010/2011. Mental health related issues are increasing & make up over 45% of the counselling sessions relating to suicide & self-injury. Cyber bullying in Australia is on the rise with recent research showing that 1 in 5 have experienced some form of cyber bullying.

1 in 10 Australian teenagers experience repeated & abusive cyber bullying.

Bully Zero Australia Foundation, Best Enemies & Kim Huckerby's 'Food for Thought' are ready to deliver effective programs to reduce social media misuse & reduce cyber bullying in Australia.

Why do I have to better use my social networking accounts?

Facebook, twitter, Instagram & other social networking sites are wonderful tools when used correctly, we can connect, create, communicate & share.

However they can disconnect us on a human level when used incorrectly. Online bullying, sexting & misuse in schools or in workplaces can lead to major social issues & consequences.

By disconnecting YOU are making a commitment to taking a stand against Cyber Bullying & creating awareness.

How do I raise money?

Ask for sponsorship from friends, family, neighbours & work colleagues to support you during the 48 hour Digital Detox. They can sponsor you by clicking here.

What happens to the money I raise?

The money raised will go to the Bully Zero Australia Foundation, whose objective is to provide young people with education to prevent bullying and work with bullies and their families to create positive behavioural changes.


Bully Zero will use the money raised to fund the delivery of cyber safety and anti-bullying workshops and resources to your school or organisation.

Are there prizes for those that raise the most money?

Yes! By taking the pledging and raising money you can win prizes for you and your school. 


Lots of prizes are up for grabs for participants that pledge and fundraise the most funds!


Prizes include packs from Digital Detox sponsor Swisse worth over $250!

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